Friday, October 30, 2009

Using Your Maximum Concentration

Whenever I am working with my websites, I always put myself into a state of maximum concentration which I learned from my Photoreading course that I had taken. This is very critical when you are implementing changes to your website. You must give it your full concentration or else you could make mistakes that could hinder the operation of your website.

The Tangerine Method

To best read any material, one must first create the relaxed, alert state of body and mind essential for proper reading. When a person is relaxed and alert while reading, he/she is more likely to be faster, more fluent, and less distracted. He/she will be more able to comprehend, retain and recall what is read. One way to do this is to use the "Tangerine Technique".

Using the Tangerine technique, a reader can quickly and easily establish a relaxed state of alertness. It also automatically directs a person's available unit of attention. The result is an immediate improvement in reading skills. The Tangerine technique helps locate and maintain the ideal point of attention for reading.

The Tangerine technique is as follows:

1) Use your hand to reach out in front of you and pick up an imaginary tangerine. Imagine its color, skin texture, and maybe even the sweet, tangy smell. Then, lob it from hand to hand to sense its weight.

2) With your dominant hand, position the imaginary tangerine on the upper-rear portion of your head. Touch that area gently with your hand and imagine the tangerine floating a couple of inches above your head. Bring your hand down and relax your shoulders completely. Pretend this magical tangerine always stays there no matter how your head moves.

3) Close your eyes and let the tangerine balance where you left it. Notice what happens to your physical and mental state as you do this. You will feel relaxed and alert. With your eyes still closed, imagine your field of vision opening up.

4) Maintain the relaxed feeling of alertness as you open your eyes

By playing with this technique, you will navigate reading material with increased speed and fluency. Your ability to concentrate on the information improves and reading becomes more relaxing. For the first while, you will have to consciously place the tangerine just behind and above the back of your head. Soon it becomes an automatic (unconscious) process so that whenever you approach reading materials, the imaginary tangerine floats into place.

Your Ideal Reading State

Below is an 8 step method you can use before you read any type of reading material by entering into your Ideal Reading State.
It will help you to better understand and retain the information that you read. It incorporates the tangerine method.

1) Place the reading material in front of you but do not read it yet.

2) Begin to relax by taking a deep breath in and closing your eyes. Become aware of yourself from head to toe. Your spine is erect, your posture is comfortable, and your breathing is relaxed.

3) Mentally state to yourself your purpose for reading. Why are you reading the material? What information do you plan to get out of the material? What is your purpose, your goal for reading this material? Give yourself these positive affirmations.

4) Now enter your ideal state of mind by establishing your point of attention, by mentally placing the tangerine on the top back of your head. Once there, do not worry about keeping it in place. It will stay there by itself.

5) Become aware of yourself as relaxed and alert.

6) Bring a slight hint of smile to the corners of your eyes and the corners of your mouth to relax your face.

7) Imagine your visual field opening up. You have a direct eye mind connection. You do not see one word at a time but many words, or maybe even the whole sentence.

8) Now, at a rate that is comfortable to you, maintaining this state of relaxed alertness, gently open your eyes, and begin reading.

You will be amazed at the results.

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